The audience at Summer Slaughter tour in Tampa were evacuated.

Last night, word came in from across the web that Summer Slaughter’s Tampa show had a bit of a “hiccup,” as it were. During Job For A Cowboy‘s set, someone had apparently threatened to shoot vocalist Jonny Davy. A friend of the site who was there reported back to us with the following information:

Apparently somebody [reported] a gun threat during Job For A Cowboy’s set. They kicked everyone out of the venue for about an hour and searched everyone, and everywhere, in the building. They found nothing, and let everyone back in the show, and everything is all good now. The show is going to continue tonight.

It wasn’t too long after we got the first word that Metal Injection broke the story and had further details:

Security at the venue forced everybody to evacuate in order to re-examine their persons to make sure nobody had any weapons on them. The show is now back to normal, a few hours behind. No weapon was found. In order to make up for the interruption, the venue offered attendees free drinks. Not a bad deal. You can’t blame security for being extra cautious in the wake of the recent movie theater shootings.

Jake Bowen from Periphery also confirmed the gun threat, and posted the following photo of the view outside of the evacuation.

You can probably chalk it up to elitism from an audience member who was making bad jokes. People like this should really stay home and stop making the metal scene look bad because there’s music out there they don’t like. It’s pitiful that this behavior happens.

If anymore important developments happen, we’ll pass word along.

– JR


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