Going forward with this news piece, there are three possibilities; A) Sumerian and The Faceless previously announced the tracklist to Autotheism in some fashion and it snuck right by me, B) someone leaked the tracklist, or C) someone’s very good at coming up with bullshit. At any rate, the tracklist that mysteriously appeared on Wikipedia without citation does certainly look legit. It contains the two tracks we already know about and The Faceless have always done multi-part tracks before, so it certainly grounds the list in possibility. Still, take this with a grain of salt:

01. Autotheist Movement I: Create
02. Autotheist Movement II: Emancipate
03. Autotheist Movement III: Deconsecrate
04. Accelerated Evolution
05. The Eidolon Reality
06. Ten Billion Years
07. Hail Science
08. Hymn of Sanity
09. In Solitude

Autotheism is out August 14th on Sumerian Records.

[Thanks to DC for the finding]

– JR


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