Witchtripper‘. I have no idea what it means. But it sounds good.

And regardless of any nonsensical lyrical themes, the always sturdy riffing of Pepper Keenan and Kirk Windstein paints a thick layer of sludge underneath everything. Meaning that any long time fans looking for something a little more straight forward along the lines of ‘New Orleans Is A Dying Whore‘, will at least have something tangible to hang on to. EP ONE marks the return of this NOLA supergroup and will contain six new songs, this latest new material since 2007’s Down III, and is set to see the light of day on September 18th. Interestingly EP ONE is the first of four EPs that will be periodically released over the next year and a half and will apparently focus on a similar theme. It seems Down have gone all Devin Townsend on us in their break.

– DL


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