Modern prog thrash rising stars Sylosis are getting ready to release their new album Monolith in a couple of months (their second album in two years!), and as such, the press cycle has begun! They’ve released the excellent album art a few weeks back (above) a few weeks back, and now the band’s label Nuclear Blast are giving us some insight on the album’s creation via the first in a series of studio videos which you can watch below.

Speaking on the album, guitarist and vocalist Josh Middleton said, “Monolith is the best representation of us as a band in terms of our diverse influences, and stylistically it’s what we’ve always been aiming for; a mixture of thrash, big doomy riffs and dark atmospherics and ambiance,” so I’m excited over what’s to come. That massive nature of Edge of the Earth is what made it so excellent, and it’s good to see that the group is going further in that direction. What little bit of new music in the studio video tickles my fancy as well.

Monolith will be out October 9th on Nuclear Blast Records.

– JR


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