I hate it when bands swap out members. Whether it’s inner turmoil or a personal decision (former Whitechapel drummer Kevin Lane left to go back to school, and good for him), it still breaks up a “core” or “classic” lineup. When Whitechapel lost their drummer, I was deeply saddened. He was by far my favorite deathcore drummer, and always had these sweet little fills here and there that I just appreciated in the normally-lacking deathcore scene. His replacement Ben Harclerode was no doubt a great drummer, but I still had my doubts.

Now these doubts are gone. Just watch him play ‘Hate Creation’ from their latest album Whitechapel, which I thought was a fantastic album and the band’s best yet. He will prove to everyone he can hang with Whitechapel, and while he is no Kevin, he is still one of the best in deathcore.



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