Last year, Corelia blew us away with their EP Nostalgia. It really hit the spot for fans of the new wave of progressive metal, a la Periphery and Protest the Hero. All that’s left for us to do now is play the waiting game as they presumably hammer away at a full length. In the mean time, the band are re-releasing Nostalgia with instrumentals, demos, acapellas, and a live studio track. Check out the goods:

1) Treetops (Instrumental)
2) Glass Faces (Instrumental)
3) The Sound of Glaciers Moving (Instrumental)
4) Aviation (Instrumental)
5) Red Sky Harbor (Instrumental)
6) Mute Swan (Instrumental)
7) Blood Petals (Instrumental)
8) The Sound of Glaciers Moving (Live in the Studio)
9) Glass Faces (First Demo)
10) Aviation (Demo)
11) Glass Faces (Demo)
12) Treetops (Isolated Vocals)
13) Glass Faces (Isolated Vocals)
14) The Sound of Glaciers Moving (Isolated Vocals)
15) Aviation (Isolated Vocals)
16) Red Sky Harbor (Isolated Vocals)
17) Blood Petals (Isolated Vocals)

It’s not uncommon these days for instrumental versions of metal songs to be floating around, but good on Corelia for providing isolated vocals for covering/remixing purposes. More acapellas, please.

Nostalgia‘s Instrumentals and Extras will be available July 31st!

– JR


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