I hope you folks out there have abandoned all sense of original meaning of this website’s name as our music tastes have moved forward over the years. One of my current obsessions is with the self-described “smoove tones” of Zelliack. I often joke that when I listen to Zelliack’s jazzy romantic sounds that I have the overwhelming urge to buy a nice suit and develop a taste for fine wine. Seriously, if you play Zelliack to a potential ladyfriend, she will swoon for days. Learn to dance and woo that shit like a sir.

I’m getting off track, so I’ll cut to the point; there’s a new Zelliack song available called ‘Smoove,’ and you can stream it above or download it over at Bandcamp for whatever you’re willing to pay. With all the tail you’ll pull from the confident and romantic mood this track will put you in, it’s worth a dollar. But then again, you’ll probably need to save some money for all those dates you’ll be going on, so proceed with caution.

– JR

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