Murder Construct


01. Red All Over
02. Under The Weight Of The Wood
03. No Question, No Comment
04. Gold Digger
05. Compelled By Mediocrity
06. The Next Life
07. Dead Hope
08. Feign Ignorance
09. Mercy, Mercy
10. Malicious Guilt
11. Resultados

[Relapse Records]

The new Cattle Decapitation is one of the best records of the year, and while the end of 2012 is still months away, I can already tell it’s ending up in my top 10. Travis Ryan is a beast on vocals, and I couldn’t think of any other man that should be fronting one of the best death/grind bands out there. When I found out he had a side project with members of Intronaut and Exhumed, I knew that I had to give it a listen. I figured at best Murder Construct’s sophomore album would be a good album, but nothing that would be memorable enough to recommend to a friend. But boy was I wrong.

Results is less than thirty minutes long, but it contains more intensity than an album twice its length. Hell, for some bands it would take two or three albums to get as much intensity as this one album. Start to finish, it’s an awesome album, starting with ‘Red All Over.’ which reminds me of the old joke “What’s black and white and read all over”? (The answer is a newspaper.) Anyways, after that 2 minute opener the album continues to grow and grow, and despite short song averaging 2 and a half minutes, I never get bored or tired of listening to the same song 15 times over and over. Travis even opens the album with his signature low gurgling scream that I have come to love so much.

By its very nature, the drums are a physically demanding instrument. Danny Walker, ordinarily the drummer for Intronaut, drums his ass off throughout the entire record, and never slows down. Even on the final track he is playing, while not as fast, with some amazing intensity. As with typical deathgrind, the lyrics are over the top and ridiculous in the best way, especially the lyrics to ‘Compelled By Mediocrity,‘ which inspired an article dealing with extended range guitars and it’s practicality in the music world. Lyrics that are just straight to the point and harsh are always the funniest ones; it’s hard not to laugh when Ryan bellows the lyrics “We hate your kids!”

The Next Life,‘ one of the “longer” songs on the record, is an album highlight not only due to its intensity, but also due to the catchy guitar riffs. The bass is even given a couple of spots to shine, which is awesome for grind since the bass is often drowned out of the mix. The final song ‘Resultados’ also has a really sick middle-eastern outro that I can totally dig, though some people may not think of it as a strong ending. Oh well. Opinions are what they are.

This album is definitely something all five guys should be proud of. It goes harder than their first record, and is one powerful release. The mixing on this album was even something I loved, and it wasn’t a victim of the loudness war at all. These guys, knowing their history, could tour this album, but considering Intronaut are writing their next album, Exhumed are on tour and Cattle Decapitation are in the midst of their prime, it seems highly unlikely at this point in time. Though, as long as I can jam to this album when I have to make a quick drive anywhere, I’m good to go.

Murder Construct – Results gets…



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