Guys seriously. Guys. Listen to the new song Between the Buried and Me are playing live all summer while out on the Summer Slaughter Tour. ‘Telos’ is available below:




The tracklist for The Parallax II: Future Sequence is as follows, with a shocking 12 tracks!

01. Goodbye to Everything
02. Astral Body
03. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
04. Autumn
05. Extremophile Elite
06. Parallax
07. The Black Box
08. Telos
09. Bloom
10. Melting City
11. Silent Flight Parliament
12. Goodbye to Everything Reprise

I’d imagine this implies shorter tracks (but then again the album is 72 minutes long), and I’m digging the reprisal at the end, which is a huge plus for an album that flows as one track. It brings it all full circle, and reprisals of past musical themes of an album really gets me excited.

On top of the glorious new track, pre-orders are live, featuring a 2xLP, a spacesuit of sorts, and even that freeze-dried ice cream that astronauts use. They’re really going hard with the space/sci-fi theme on this record. Go pre-order the record and pretend to be an astronaut when the album drops October 9th. I’m just going to try and make like Eric Cartman and freeze myself until then.

– JR

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