Nothing will get me more giddy like a schoolgirl than the prospect of new Between the Buried and Me. Hell, even typing out the words ‘New Between The Buried And Me’ gets my heart racing. As such, the wait for their newly announced new record The Parallax II: Future Sequence is going to be grueling. Fortunately, BTBAM are already starting to roll out with the new music in a live capacity!

As a warm-up of sorts before Summer Slaughter kicks off this weekend, Between the Buried and Me have been playing a string of headlining shows in which they debuted a brand new song from Parallax II titled ‘Telos.’ A low-quality video of the portion of the song surfaced a day or two ago, but was too muddy to make out anything. However, YouTube user Roxdani07 caught the below video last night (July 18th) in Farmington, NM. THANKS, BRO.

Get excited folks. The Parallax II: Future Sequence is due out October 09th on Metal Blade Records. Lord knows I’ll tell you as soon as pre-orders are available.

– JR


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