Lich King have always been about being more ridiculous than everyone else. If track titles like ‘Black Metal Sucks‘, ‘Kill Your Guts Out‘ and ‘Attack Of The Wrath Of The War Of The Death Of The Strike Of The Sword Of The Blood Of The Beast‘ didn’t give that away, well, then I don’t know what will. ‘We Came To Conquer‘, from their upcoming album Born Of The Bomb, continues on a similar tangent, thankfully, and sees the band tearing a new one out of quite a few neo-thrash bands, Kerrang and even themselves. The King’s tongue is embedded so far into it’s cheek that poking out the other side at this point and that’s exactly the way it should be — with all the drama as of late, maybe we should all unwind with a bit of light-hearted, and yet still ruthless, old-school thrash?

– DL


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