The biggest djent and progressive metal festival of the year just made its final announcement, and the full lineup of Euroblast 2012 is:

Long Distance Calling, After the Burial, Scar Symmetry Animals As Leaders, Jeff Loomis, Skyharbor, Tesseract, Monuments, Vildjharta, Sybreed, Agent Fresco, Chimp Spanner, Destrage, Scale the Summit, Circle Of Contempt, Exivious, The Algorithm, Uneven Structure, C.B.Murdoc, The Interbeing, Red Seas Fire, Destiny Potato, Panzerballett, In-Quest, Nightshade, Stealing Axion, Akeldama, Hacktivist, Cilice, Shattered Skies, Neosis, No Consequence, V3CTORS, Modern Day Babylon, Means End, Betraeus, Humanitys Last Breath, Nexus, Joncofy, Monophonist, Eleonore, The Amentia, Halo in Pause, Deus.Exe
Euroblast is sporting its biggest year yet, and the lineup looks fantastic! Hopefully I can make the flight out to Cologne, Germany one year for this beast. Euroblast 2012 is October 18-21st. You can still purchase tickets at this location.
– JR

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