I’ve posted about Kamelot a few times in the past, but the band and the particular genre they excel in have never been the focus here at Heavy Blog. Normally I’d sit back and get all super excited about their announcements in my own private time, but with so much news trickling out now, I feel like it’s time I do a serious post about these power/prog knuckleheads.

For those who don’t know, Kamelot is a progressive power metal band that have released a long line of albums over the past twenty years, several of which are in my all time favorites collection, and they are preparing to release their tenth full-length studio album this October entitled, Silverthorn.

I’ve always maintained that Kamelot had one of the most impressive and talented vocalists in metal, and music in general, Roy Khan. With a style all to his own Khan created some of the richest and most mesmerizing vocal melodies you will ever find. Sadly though, he parted ways with the band after the release of their last album, Poetry for the Poisoned. For awhile now fans have eagerly been anticipating the announcement of Kamelot’s new vocalist; arguing every which-way as to who was the most deserving and qualified to fill in for Khan. Well, back in June the band put an end to all the debating and announced that their new full time vocalist would be Tommy Karevik of the progressive metal band, Seventh Wonder. Pretty great news for all considered; Tommy is a phenomenal vocalist, and he has a lot of range and uniqueness to his voice that won’t feel like he’s just copying what Khan was doing previously.

Now, that’s all well and good, but there’s more news to share. In a recent interview with RockLiveBg band keyboardist Oliver Palotai let loose a few details about the album. You can read the full interview here, but I’m going to sum up the important stuff in bullet points.

– Tommy was heavily involved with the writing of vocals and lyrics.

– The new album will be called Silverthorn.

– It will be a concept album with the music and lyrics following a story.

– Stephan Heilemann designed the albums artwork. He has worked with them in the past on the album Epica.

– The album will be less experimental and sound more akin to the band’s opus and previous concept album, The Black Halo.

– Still no definitive answer as to why Roy Khan left the band. Time to stop caring, I suppose.

– Several members of the band were less than thrilled with their previous album, Poetry for the Poisoned, mirroring fan reactions to the album.

So yeah, that’s really all there is to say as of now. I’m really looking forward to this album, as there hasn’t been that many exciting power metal albums so far this year, and Kamelot very rarely disappoints. Silverthorn is slated for release on October 29th. Cheers!

– EC

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