After their recent European tour, which saw the band tearing through both the UK and the mainland in some unlikely venues, it appears Wormrot are taking some time out away from the band to concentrate on their personal lives. The official message as posted on their Facebook page reads:

We’ve been ripped off, abandoned blablabla but we survived and end the tour with a fucking smile. We’ve been touring hard every year for quite awhile and we think it’s time to take a break and concentrate on our personal shit as for now. We’ll be back touring hopefully with another new album? MASSIVE thanks to Nicolas of Bones Brigades Records and the boys from Evisorax for being so cool during the tour. we love you guys endlessly. Last but not least, Luc from Doomstar Bookings/Fubar and of course our lovely Azean for being so patient with us. A very memorable LAST tour with the right people for the fucking win. We couldn’t have done it without your support towards us. Thank you fellow friends across the globe. GRIND OR GET THE FUCK OUT! SEE YOU AGAIN IN A FEW YEARS!

Where the parts about being ‘ripped off’ allude to a show played only a few days ago in Cadca, Slovakia where the band were apparently left stranded and without pay by the promoter. Despite the fact that Wormrot are taking a ‘few years’ out, live footage has already emerged of a new track the band were playing at various shows, the best of which can be view above. So after the quick turn around between Abuse and 2011’s Dirge, it seems we may have to wait a while before we hear any new studio material, but as of now, one of the hardest working bands in metal is taking a break.

– DL

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