I’ve been optimistic towards the upcoming Murder Construct record, which features Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan, Leon del Muerte of Exhumed, and Intronaut drummer Danny Walker in a supergroup of sorts. Their upcoming record Results is picking up steam, and people are getting excited. A new track from the record titled ‘Compelled by Mediocrity’ was recently posted in the form of a lyric video, and it seems that Travis Ryan has quite the distaste for djent/deathcore kids.

Here are some select lyrics from ‘Compelled by Mediocrity’:

“You were born with a silver Macbook Pro in your mouth.”
“Behind your 9-string, musically bluffing.”
“We must demolish this fucking turd you polished!”
“You’ve finally did it; from garage to the stage in 20-minutes”
“Pointing and clicking makes life so enriching”

Ouch. Very seething critique on the whole DIY djent scene, and all this talk of 9-strings is quite topical. You’ve got a problem with Carthage, Travis?!

You can check out the full lyric video below:

Results is due out August 28th on Relapse Records. Preorders? You’ve got it.

– JR

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