It strikes me as odd when a band goes relatively quiet on a huge project and then out of nowhere we realize how close we are to its completion. After the delays and member changes, people were starting to wonder if prog and tech death rising stars The Faceless were going to go the way of Necrophagist, but the four year gap between records comes to an end next month when Sumerian releases The Faceless’ new album Autotheism.

Rumors began spreading online that Autotheism would be released in August, which seemed  way too short of a wait for me to take seriously considering there hasn’t been time for pre-orders or even so much as an announcement to be made yet. Hell, it was only just last week when guitarist Michael Keene confirmed that the album was complete. August 14th was the date reported, but I thought to myself, “only a month to allow for the printing of albums and merch and to get the press rolling? Yeah, right.”

Well, it turns out Sumerian are going to be making that happen after all, judging by a cryptic status update from the label that only mentions the rumored release date. Either the album’s been in the can for longer than we were lead to believe or Sumerian are going for a super fast turnaround!

So be on the lookout for an “official” announcement soon. We’ll likely have pre-orders to throw our money at by next week; we may even end up with a new song! Fingers crosses.

– JR


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