With a sludgy hardcore sound that could leave you with tetanus, GAZA‘s new record No Absolutes In Human Suffering is already a highlight to our year, and it’s not even out yet. They really are the epitome of ruthless misanthropic chaos; just check out the lyrics for their new song ‘The Truth Weighs Nothing,’ which is a seething attack on the Tebow mentality of expected God to help us solve our first world problems:

It sure was nice of Jesus to take time away from ignoring
Ethnic cleansing genocide and famine bloated children.
Or regrowing limbs for landmine victims
To help you score that touchdown
To help you find your keys
To help you land that promotion.
Is it that he can’t? Or is it that he won’t?
Wake up. Wake the fuck up.
The truth weighs nothing. Travel light. Be unburdened.

You don’t even have to imagine the sonic backdrop for that piece of “fuck the world” poetry. ‘The Truth Weighs Nothing’ can be streamed over at Decibel.

No Absolutes In Human Suffering is due out July 31st on Black Market Activities.

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