Carthage are one of those bands you likely don’t know about but I’m always fairly excited over. Featuring good friends of mine Tre Watson and Noyan Tokgozoglu (two names you should be familiar with if you keep up with us regularly), they’re a deathcore band out of Baltimore, MD with various influences reaching into prog, djent, and melodic death metal. What I’ve always found interesting about the band is that there are three guitarists, two of which performing vocals at times, putting the band at three vocalists. Nuts. Not to mention the use of the rare 9-string guitar, this band is at the very least unique. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear material from their upcoming debut full-length album Salt The Earth as it has been developed, and I’m really liking what I hear so far.

It feels like the record is taking forever to be completed, what with Tre being picky with production and always making improvements in the mix. You can’t blame him though; the first album’s gotta make a good impression, and production is a huge factor. The band isn’t slowing down on writing and recording new material in the mean time, throwing a whole new wrench into play. While hammering away at Salt the Earth, the band decided to fill us in with what they’re up to with a new studio video, which you can watch below.

Guitar slapping and 9-string chugs? Count me in. We’ll fill you in when there’s more to tell, but expect Salt the Earth to be out later this year. After the jump, check out the design for Noyan’s custom Tron-inspired 9-string from Etherial Guitars!

– JR

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