As if I didn’t have enough to be jealous of Canada over, Southern Ontario will be host to the mindblowing ‘HELLO? YES THIS IS PROG’ Tour, featuring three of the best up-and-coming bands prog has to offer, Ever Forthright, Intervals, and Mandroid Echostar! I’m not just saying this because our logo is there, but that is one of the best tour posters I have EVER seen. It pains me almost physically that I can’t make it out to this impressive show, as we’re fans of the entire lineup.

Here are the dates. If it hits close and you don’t make it out, you’re a jerk and I don’t think we could be friends:

09.06 — St. Catherines — Coco Cabana
09.07 — Toronto — Sneaky Dee’s
09.08 — London — London Music Hall
09.09 — Brantford — Club Sagitarius
09.10 — Peterborogh — The Spill
09.11 — Ottawa — Cafe Dekuf
09.12 — Montreal — Underworld
09.13 — Guelph — Van Goh’s
09.14 — Hamilton — The Underground
09.15 — Kitchener — Koi Fest

Be on the lookout for Bandhappy lessons that will take place on the road during the tour (surely to be announced at each band’s respective Facebook pages, linked above), giveaways, and some other neat stuff to come as the tour approaches!

– JR


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