Midway through the 2000’s, folk metal was in full swing. European festivals were packed to the hilt with bands packing flutes, lutes and even a suspect number of kilts, and for a few summers it seemed like you couldn’t get away from the likes of KorpiklanniFinntroll and Turisas because they played EVERYWHERE. It sure was great fun — infectious melodies set against surging, upbeat metal? Count me in.

But it was pretty shallow fun and the dream died out pretty quickly, leaving behind only the biggest players and a handful of more serious acts with a dedicated fanbase. Ensiferum and their brother act Wintersun are arguably the most successful bands in that respect and with both bands releasing new material later this year (knock on wood), the latter half of 2012 looks set to be dominated by those epic folk-ified metal songs that both bands do so well. ‘Burning Leaves‘ gives us our first real taste of Ensiferum‘s upcoming album Unsung Heroes and it looks set to easily recapture that unspoken magic that made their Iron-era material so enchanting, giving the band yet another anthem to belt out across Europe this summer – drinking horns at the ready.


Unsung Heroes is due out August 27th on Spinefarm Records.



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