One man band bedroom projects are the big thing right now thanks to technological advancements that put decent studio equipment into homes at a reasonable price. Everyone can grab a POD Studio and pirate some software and put out enough EP if they’re patient and creative enough. This trend may be accessible, but some folks are still having trouble grasping the concept, so Tim Gavin of Water on Mercury decided to give an in-depth walkthrough of the process, which you can see above.

Actually, the ironic thing here is that it’s actually funny internet videos that will do it. That, and cats. If he had a cat in his video, he’d probably be looking at a recording contract from Inside Out; Century Media if he’s lucky and the cat is adorable enough! It also helps that his music is actually pretty cool. Check out the description on Bandcamp:

Influenced by the rhythms of Meshuggah, Fear My Thoughts, Ihsahn, Mechina; the melodic progressions of Opeth, Devin Townsend, In Flames; and the depth of Gentle Giant, Mastodon, Porcupine Tree; yet nowhere near as good as any of them.

Well the influences have Water on Mercury right up my alley! Below, listen to WoM’s EP Flooded, which was released late last year. It’s damn fine instrumental music that focuses more on mood and melody than tech and complicated rhythm, which is a welcome contribution to a scene that’s oversaturated with that sort of thing.

Be sure to visit Water on Mercury on Bandcamp to download Flooded and the new single My Amphigory.

[via Vince Neilstein on Facebook]

– JR

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