Here’s an interesting measure of how tr00 you are. Think hard — when, exactly, was the moment that Metallica fell from grace?

If you said “Never! They’re so consistently good!” then dear god, learn to respect yourself. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. If you said “Just after Kill ‘Em All” then well done, you’ve managed to miss out on some of the greatest metal albums of all time! Everything in between is a sliding scale, with an average of “right after …And Justice For All.” Which leaves The Black Album, which marked the band’s transition from thrash kings to surprisingly acceptable radio conquerors, as the most controversial Metallica album there is and, interestingly enough, you can see it clearly in the line up chosen for the recent Kerrang cover album, in which the magazine chose bands to cover the entire tracklisting:

01. Enter Sandman – Rise To Remain
02. Sad But True – Your Demise
03. Holier Than Thou – DevilDriver
04. The Unforgiven – The Defiled
05. Wherever I May Roam – Yashin
06. Don’t Tread On Me – Hawk Eyes
07. Through The Never – Evile
08. Nothing Else Matters – LostAlone
09. Of Wolf And Man – Savage Messiah
10. The God That Failed – Black Spiders
11. My Friend Of Misery – Motionless In White
12. The Struggle Within – Devil Sold His Soul

Sitting alongside some pretty respectable underground acts like Evile, Savage Messiah and Black Spiders are some more questionable bands including the fringe-filled Motionless In White, Scottish ‘post-hardcore’ group Yashin and Famous-Dad-Core pioneers Rise To Remain. Major respect to all bands involved for paying tribute to a great album, but it seems for every band that tastefully stays true to the original or even subtly add their own spin to it, there’s another that wrecks it beyond all recognition to the point where it’s not even funny. I can completely understand the idea of covering the track in your own style, but when it seems like you’re just baiting people to hate it, it becomes hard to see it as anything other than a brazen joke. After the jump you can check out the highlights, both good and bad, and it would be interesting to see what you all think of it:

Evile – Through The Never


Yashin – Wherever I May Roam


Savage Messiah – Of Wolf And Man


Your Demise – Sad But True


Black Spiders – The God That Failed

– DL


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