When the Hoffman brothers split from Deicide way back in 2004 in a flurry of insults and backchat, not many would’ve predicted that nearly eight year later they would return with previous members of Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky to form Amon, a name which was originally coined for the earliest incarnation of Deicide. But back they are, with their self-released debut Liar In Wait, in tow and instantly the comparisons have been brought to the forefront but thankfully, with the band releasing a video for ‘Among Us‘, you, alongside the rest of the internet, can make broad, sweeping generalizations about how it’s the best thing since Legion/the worst thing since Insineratehymn or that Glen Benton/the Hoffman Brothers is/are a steaming pile of [insert expletive of choice].

Personally, I’m enjoying it. Minus the hilarious shoulder-pads, there’s really not much to hate here – it’s standard, but slightly tech-y, death metal that leads with it’s best foot by putting a lot of emphasis on those ridiculous guitar lines. Liar In Wait shows obvious promise just off the back of the one track, so for anyone whose missing their fix of Legion-esque riffs, you can’t really go wrong.

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