It seems like a handful of genres out there have their own dedicated line of apparel, but they’re mostly centered around the Hot Topic-friendly brands like Arkaik and Rockett brands aimed at the hardcore/metalcore crowd (not to imply there’s anything particularly wrong with those brands). It hasn’t really occurred to me until now that there’s very little (if anything at all) out there in terms of clothing lines that operate with fans of prog in mind, but now that changes with the creation of Thought Space Apparel, a new clothing company ran by Aaron Wilmot and Last Chance To Reason frontman Michael Lessard.

The ambitious project — which promises “a line of high quality shirts that invoke creativity, knowledge and passion” — recently got its feet off the ground via Kickstarter and has since met and is currently pushing past its initial $700 goal. With the funding now in place and initial designs available for pre-order, Thought Space is showing strong forward momentum. Plans are even being made to release special merch for the bands Last Chance To Reason, White Arms of Athena, The Contortionist, and Dead Letter Circus through the clothing line, and that’s just the plan for the foreseeable future!

While the funding is now a guarantee, you can make sure this brand takes its initial steps with more strength and possibility, as meeting $1000 will add even more designs to the Summer line launch. Throw some money their way and buy a shirt, either through Kickstarter (be sure to select the $25 backing) or their official Big Cartel page. At the very least, go check out the stellar designs and help spread the word.

– JR


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