Following the coattails of Lil’ B, an inexplicable rap sensation who puts out an overly excessive amount of satire rap for a bafflingly loyal fanbase, Cut Your Teeth have provided us with their latest offering 2 Hot 3 Handle. Perfecting the art of all-caps statuses, on the fly releases, and announcements akin in typical based god fashion, 2 Hot 3 Handle contains some of the most searing and intense good-time party thrash around, with even more of those swaggering bluesy solos that have defined the band over the last few releases. As normal, you can download the entire thing for free over at their Bandcamp page, along with their entire discography, so what are you waiting for? These guys are one of those glorious hidden gems that are only made possible by the Bandcamp interface, a true testament to power of the internet.


What I find particularly interesting is that groups like BadBadNotGood and Cut Your Teeth are heralded as greats among their respective genres. There is something to be said for this phenomenon that is being “Based.” Surely Cut Your Teeth have made Based God proud with their uniqueness and passion for having a good time. In all seriousness though, 2 Hot 3 Handle is a extremely fun release and more than worth your time.


– CD, DL


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