One of the best albums from last year, Dualism is what modern progressive metal should be — versatile, melodic, and heavy. Well, everyone, especially the vinyl junkies out there, today is the day. Now Textures are released their amazing album on vinyl, and in a red and blue vinyl edition to boot. Plus, each one is numbered. 250 red, 252 blue vinyl editions. AND THAT’S NOT ALL!

If you get it while it’s fresh you get a SIGNED POSTER. They actually have pictures on their facebook page of them signing the posters so you know it’s legit. The only problem is that it will run us North Americans over $50 USD after shipping. Bummer, but if you’re a mega fan then it’s worth it, right? So get them while they last, because if you enjoy collecting modern vinyl records, this would be a killer inclusion. You can purchase it at this location.



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