Every month, Basick Records has been doing a thing they like to call “Freebie Friday,” where they slash prices at the Basick Store and give customers 24% off of their order for 24 hours, beginning Friday morning at 9AM UK time (4 AM EST) when using the promo code ‘YESITSFRIDAY’. Oh hey, that’s happening right now!

To celebrate flagship artist Chimp Spanner‘s impending US live debut with The Contortionist, Jeff Loomis, 7 Horns 7 Eyes (dates here), Basick are going all out this time, giving us a bunch of cool stuff to give away! Here’s what is available:

  • One grand prize package featuring a tee, vinyl, pookie poster, CD, and a signed inflatable guitar.
  • Five codes for a free download of Chimp Spanner’s latest All Roads Lead Here EP
  • Five codes for a free download of At The Dreams Edge

So to keep count, eleven people will be winning something today! To enter for these prizes, leave a comment (with your email so we can contact you if you win) with a caption for following photo of Chimpy himself, Paul Ortiz.

Leave a witty caption or turn him into a meme-worthy image macro. Be witty and creative. Remember, eleven people are walking away richer in The Spanner today, so your chances are good!

So help support an independent record label continue their plot for world dominance and make that purchase you were always wanting to make. I saw you eying that Uneven Structure Februus shirt and Glass Cloud bundle. Now you can own it on the cheap.

– JR

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