Why do I love the internet? Because of the amount of hidden gems that can be discovered if you take the time to actually look for them. And the gems I speak of are in the form of bands, and everyday I come across at least one or two that tickle my fancy.

Today’s gem goes by the name of Depravation, hailing from Germany and playing a raw mixture of dark metallic Hardcore and Black Metal, and their first release, I:PRAEDICTVM, is three chaotic-filled tracks comprised of raw screams and harsh riffs draped in a blanket of bleakness. Their music/tone is reminiscent of bands like Integrity and Tempest.

Having released their demo back in June on cassette tape, which is available in two versions (black and white), each sporting a different cover and limited to 25 copies each, it’s the extra bit of detail by hand numbering them with human blood that gives these guys a bit of an edge. But for those who are unable to obtain the tapes, you can download their demo free via their Bandcamp as well as through Mediafire.

I:PRAEDICTVM is worth a listen for those who are into this style of music, as it might push some people away with its harshness. Both ‘Wrath’ and ‘Ruins Of Mankind’ show what the band is capable of, each showcasing blistering amounts of metallic hardcore/curst-punk attributes. The title track ‘PRAEDICTVM’, which runs shy of ten minutes does show influences of drone, with an overall darkened tone as the majority of the track consists of ambient noise. This track shows the bands ability to partake in different genres of metal/hardcore, without being labeled a one-trick pony. Hell, ‘PRAEDICTVM’ alone is a demo in itself, so think of it as getting two demos for the price of… oh thats right, it’s free!

I:PRAEDICTVM is enough to wet ones appetite at the thought of a future full-length from these guys, and I know I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they do next. So do your ears a favor and check this band out post-haste. Rage!



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