Porcupine Tree is easily one of my favorite bands. Their evolution from trippy space-prog to prog-metal over the past twenty years is nothing short of the workings of a musical mastermind Steven Wilson, and The Incident was a personal favorite of mine from 2009, both musically and in concept. Anyone who follows the band know that Wilson also has a flourishing solo career, and released Grace For Drowning earlier this year to widespread praise, myself included. However, as for Porcupine Tree, the day isn’t as bright.

Wilson has stated that it is on hold for the time being. Originally expected to record their new album and possibly even release it this year, Wilson has said otherwise. According to him, the biggest priority for him is his solo career, he is sick of metal, and he doesn’t know what direction Porcupine Tree will take next. Considering they went from Pink Floyd-inspired stuff to being the inspiration themselves, I’m interested to see where they go next.

“The honest answer is I don’t know. The solo career for me now is probably the most important. I think about it more than anything else, I’m more focussed on it than anything else, I enjoy it more than anything else and I’m brimming over with ideas. Whereas with Porcupine Tree, I’m not quite sure what to do with the band next. We’ve made 10 albums over a period of almost 20 years. The problem is, when you establish such a strong brand or trademark, and you spend years building it up, people expect you to become a machine, endlessly putting out an album, then touring. I promised myself many years ago that I would never ever allow myself to let this become a job. For me, it’s still about being very selfish and doing what I want to do. I know I’ve been fortunate that there seems to be enough people out there who respect me enough and still want to listen to whatever I do. Right now all my thoughts and energies are wrapped up in the excitement and the buzz I’m getting from the solo work.”

You can read the full interview here. Details as they come, per normalcy.

[via Rolling Stone India]



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