I have a complicated relationship with Muse. On one hand, they’ve always been rooted in progressive rock and have been super diverse and experimental in their music. On the other hand, Twilight. I dunno, it’s weird. I hate to be the guy that dismisses bands based on popularity, but I legitimately liked ‘Supermassive Black Hole‘ up until it because a teen girl anthem of sorts. I know how it sounds, and yes, and I’m disgusted with myself over it.

Their new song ‘Survival’ is pretty excellent though, as the band have went all-out Queen. It’s no wonder why The Olympics decided to feature the song. Sporting events and Queen go hand in hand. Check it out above.

I need to try to get into Muse. I’ll tackle that over the weekend. Their new album The 2nd Law is due out September 17th.

[Via Metalsucks]

– JR

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