The Contortionist‘s sophomore album Intrinsic is on the horizon, and we’re all unbelievably excited. The band’s first single ‘Holomovementreally pushed the band deeper into prog territory, and that bodes well for more music to come. Apparently, the rest of the album is on a similar plane of prog judging by the sample clips of the album provided by Amazon. HBIH contributor Cody D. (tentaclesworth) referred to the sound as Rush-core, and indeed, the synths and some of these riffs wouldn’t feel out of place on Rush’s proggier material. Also, the Cynic influence has been amped up quite substantially. This album is going to be nuts.

Intrinsic is due out July 17th on eOne/Good Fight Music. Pre-order this record right here if you’re not some jerk.

– JR


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