It was only a matter of time! Adam “Nolly” Getgood of Red Seas Fire was very hands-on with Periphery so far in this album cycle, co-producing Periphery II, tracking both guitar and bass parts, and touring with the band as a bass player. Today it was made official that Nolly has left Red Seas Fire to join Periphery full time. From Red Seas Fire’s Facebook:

We’re not big fans of lengthy essays explaining news like this, so here are the main points that you need to know.

1. Nolly has very wisely taken the opportunity to join Periphery full time, and as such will no longer be a part of Red Seas Fire. There is no animosity of any sort and we all still love him and the rest of the Periphery laddies with all of our loins (especially Markides).

2. We will be playing three more shows with this line-up, the original line-up of Red Seas Fire, concluding at the UK Tech Metal Fest on Sunday July 15th. If you want to see RSF in our original line-up this is your last chance to do so. Also worth noting that this will be the last time a lot of the songs from our debut record will be played live, so come down and show off our lad Nolly in a truly venue-ruining, throw-down-having, wake-up-the-next-morning-wondering-how-your-legs-got-ripped-off, type brutal manner.

3. We will not be looking for a replacement or fill in guitarist to take Nolly’s place, from the 16th of July onward Red Seas Fire will officially be a four-piece band.

4. We will be taking yet another ruddy hiatus in order to write and produce new music, and we will be back in October for Euroblast Vol.8 with a brand new set of pissed off music for you all to break necks to.

Here’s to Red Seas Fire, to Periphery and to the future of progressive fucking metal.

It must have been tough for Nolly to quit his band, but it was pretty obvious that he was a great fit and quite an asset for Periphery. I’d imagine the pay is a bit of a step up too, so that works out!

Congrats to Nolly and Periphery. Hopefully this is the very last lineup change the band will have to go through!

– JR

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