One of the coolest trends in prog metal right now is the acoustic set-list. Bands all over the place are picking up acoustic guitars and rearranging their songs and performing low-key concerts, adding a whole new spin to the songs that their fans already love. Pain of Salvation followed this trend and it seems like they’ve received nothing but positive feedback from these live sets. And luckily for me, and all fans of Pain of Salvation, the band has decided that with the overwhelming positive response to the shows, they might as well put those songs on disc for an official release!

Posting from the official Pain of Salvation website, band show-runner —- and only remaining founding member —Daniel Gildenlöw says  that after all the positive response, the band decided to enter the studio for two days and record some of their favorite songs for an upcoming release, tentatively titled Clean, but that name could change before the official release. Daniel goes on to say that the recording process was very intuitive and creative, saying that all parts of the songs were recorded in unison, even the vocals and harmonies.

This is really stunning news for me. I’ve been in love with this band for a few years now, and it’s always nice to hear new renditions of your favorite songs. Here’s hoping this is released soon! You can view the full statement from Daniel here.

– EC

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