You may know him by is his signature beard and as the blur on stage that hangs from rafters, throws his bass into the air, and stage dives while playing. He is Jon ‘KC Wolf’ Kindler, and it has been announced that he has officially left The Chariot.

This really sucks. He was a huge part of their live shows, and though I have never seen them live, Chris (twice) and Jeff have both raved about them, and the videos I have seen and the tales I have heard are proof positive that he is a true showman and master of his craft.

His statement, below:

“For the last 6 years I have been blessed to be a part of The Chariot, a place where God has taught me to create and worship freely. I am most thankful for the relationships I have been blessed with; my brothers in The Chariot, and the countless friendships that I have gained all over the world.

Thank you for your support, your love and your life. know that you aren’t alone, you were made with immense purpose, and you do have a savior, his name is Jesus and He is worthy. Come to Him and find rest. I love you all. Long live The Chariot, Long live the King.”

Long Live, Jon. Long Live. One Wing is due out August 28th on Good Fight/eOne, and there’s also a tour with Every Time I Die in the works. Not to be missed, that one.

[via The PRP]

– SS

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