As mentioned on my post about Stillborn Messengers, I occasionally go on these “Bandcamp Hunts”, in which I go to the metal section of Bandcamp, and download everything that is both free (or name your price) and relevant to my interests. Well, I have decided to make it a periodic column! These posts are not unlike the column “Bandcamp Recommendations” by The Soda Shop. These posts will feature 3 bands per post that follow the following criteria:

  1. They must have some form of release on
  2. Their release must be available for free or as a pay-your-own-price download.
  3. They must be good.

Also, I will not be mentioning very well-known bands, such as Cloudkicker or Returning We Hear the Larks, who are well known for releasing their music for free. My goal is to highlight albums that have not been talked about enough. If you don’t see your favorite band, feel free to leave a comment. I may have them planned for a future column. This column will hopefully be posted every week, but it all depends on the influx of bands I find or that you all send us. Now, without further ado, here are three bands that deserve your attention:

Annex TheoryProcess Existence EP

Imagine with me Veil of Maya meets Sikth riffage, djent qualities, keyboards that are both ambient and quick, and powerful clean vocals. What you will have created is an up-and-coming Canadian band named Annex Theory.  Their EP was self-released on May 21. I knew a lot of people was talking about it, so I downloaded it, and I was absolutely floored. The songwriting here is incredible, and the technical chops executed are of the highest quality.  I also noticed that their lead vocalist is Trevor Birnie, formerly of one of my favorite tech-death bands of all time, Quo Vadis, which explains their high quality. If you’re into intense metalcore and progressive metal, definitely download this.

Oh, and there is this awesome cover of Rush‘s “Subdivisions“, in case you needed a final push to click the download button.

The Armed Young and Beautiful

Imagine The Dillinger Escape Plan meshed with punk, and you have the sound of The Armed. They released this EP during October of last year, but I only recently found them about a month ago. The first song hits you hard with the spastic riffing heard by the aforementioned Dillinger, but they expose all of their punk influences throughout the EP’s 13 minute runtime.  It’s definitely a very fun recording. Enjoy.

AscariasisOcean of Colour

Writer Nayon has covered this band before on numerous occasions, and I discovered this band through his posts. I followed them ever since, and when I heard they were releasing a pay-your-own-price EP, I was excited. Needless to say, their EP they did not disappoint in the slightest. With a style meshing Decrepit Birth, Fallujah, breakdowns, and classical music, they create a very unique sound and have achieved a very high level of quality, especially for such a young band in terms of the age of the members. Definitely give it a download, as this record is astounding, and the fact that they’re giving it away for basically free is a very humbling gesture to us listeners.

See you later for your weekly Bandcamp Beatdown!

– GR


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