It’s always a hell of a lot of fun when The Chariot start gearing up to release a new album. It barely feels like any time at all since Long Live came out, but it was actually 2010 (indeed, it made my best of list that year), and so it’s about time for another slice of their particular brand of chaotic metalcore.

The build up to that release produced one of my favourite music videos ever: the live, almost seven-minute continuous take of ‘David de la Hoz, which was chock full of awesome, and it’s back to that same studio we are taken for this look at an experimental piano-driven song called ‘Speak‘, which has satiated my appetite in the same way for the new album, which is to be called One Wing.

The video is full of details – there are boards, instruments and various nick-nacks everywhere, but we are explicitly told that ‘Speak‘ will be track six on the album, and features Travis Sadler on piano. Frontman Josh Scogin pelts his lungs out here, and I’m pretty confident in saying that One Wing will be just as, if not more visceral than the band’s past exploits.

One Wing is due out on August 28th, most likely on Good Fight Music.

– CG


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