Pretty much everyone got super excited over the reunion of Jesse Leach and Killswitch Engage. As much as I enjoyed Howard, things were getting a little uninspired with each passing album, like they made The End Of Heartache two more times, but forgot to include as many memorable songs. As sad as it was to see Howard go, I was optimistic that a new vocalist would spark some creativity; little did I know at the time that they’d get their first vocalist Jesse Leach back and, months later, a song would leak that bodes well for the future of Killswitch.

An alleged new song from the group made its way online this past week titled ‘This Is Confrontation,‘ which can be heard above. It certainly feels like Killswitch Engage, so there’s not exactly any risks taken, but the song at least sounds pretty damn cool. I wish they would experiment with song structure a bit (seriously, this has the facade of pretty much every song they’ve ever done), but as far as Killswitch goes, they’re on an upswing!

More info on new Killswitch as it comes in!

– JR


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