When Scion A/V started getting into the metal game a few years ago, I just thought it was going to be a passing fad; a cheap way to score some extra publicity in a new deomographic. While that may be true, I have to give them a hand; they’ve been a strong proponent for the metal-kind, and they certainly helping the scene gain some new momentum.

Back in March Scion and Profound Lore put on a live showcase in which PALLBEARER, WOLVHAMMER, LOSS, THE ATLAS MOTH, and YOB all performed. The show was recorded for a live compilation, which will be seeing a physical release sometime in the future, but you can download it for free right now!

I haven’t had time to listen to this yet, but the lineup looks fantastic, and with that fact I find it hard to believe that the quality will be anything below superb.

You can pick up the compilation here, and we’ll let you know when physical release is available.

– EC


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