It must have dawned on the people behind the upcoming Shockwave Fest Tour that the logistics of bringing around 13 bands on one tour was a massive headache, because four bands (Revocation, Vildhjarta, Dirge Within, and Forged in Flame) are no longer on the bill. Most people seem the most heartbroken over Revocation, but I could take or leave them. The main drawing point for me was seeing Vildhjarta on their first ever North American tour, so this was a major bummer.

From Vildhjarta’s Facebook:

dear north americans, we can confirm that we are off the Shockwave Festival due to reasons beyond our control. the festival will probably do an announcement about it soon since the word is already out and we´re not the only band that is affected when the bill has been scaled down.

we have looked forward to an opportunity to play in north america for a long time and will do our best to get us on another tour as soon as possible. hope to see you soon ♥


Major sads. Hopefully we’ll still be able to catch them Stateside later this year.

In the mean time, not all is lost on Shockwave Fest. Heavy Blog favorites Last Chance To Reason and Cattle Decapitation are still on the trek, which makes it worth it alone. Check out tour dates and other information on the Shockwave Festival Facebook.

– JR

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