Well, not literally destroying it of course, because *shels are a lovely group of guys and wouldn’t harm a fly, but you get the metaphor, right?

Not content to leave the world without new music for nigh on four years – until last year’s storming Plains Of The Purple Buffalo – this British/American septet also haven’t toured in a good long while, so it warmed my heart earlier this year to learn they had a tour of Russia and the UK lined up for this summer. Their last show was in London in 2007, and was to date one of my favourite shows ever: supported by the electric The Ascent Of Everest, the crushing Latitudes, (who join them on this run, along with Astrohenge) and the fledgling Rinoa, *shels put on a performance to remember. They’re incredibly intimate performers, and it connected with me really deeply.

They’ve finished the Russian section of the tour I believe, and kind soul Olemus Shabunin saw fit to film the entire Moscow set in HD. It’s over an hour long but I couldn’t not watch the whole thing, potentially spoiling the setlist for the penultimate show in London almost five years since the last, but it’s SO worth it.

The band are on form, and frontman Mehdi Safa is captivating to watch. He even throws in a little Tuvan throat singing for good measure, as well as the Native American singing from the new record. Just fucking look at trumpeteer Arif Driessen too – what a guy. He isn’t always involved in the music, but he’s always down with the performance.

The full poster is after the jump. If you can get to see them, I can’t recommend it enough.

– CG


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