Rings of Saturn are one of those bands that I always hear people fawning over, but could never get into. The production was never really all that great (how can something be simultaneously over and underproduced?), and between the wank and breakdowns, their previous material was pretty much devoid of any soul. Even still, they managed to have moments of promise that kept me checking back to see how they were faring. The sampler for their sophomore album that was released earlier this year left me with some cautious optimism as much as a sampler could. Production and songwriting (from what we heard of it) seemed to point towards a major improvement that left me intrigued.

So now, three months later, we now have details surrounding the band’s sophomore album, titled Dingir (Sumerian for ‘god’ or ‘sky’). The tracklist is as follows:

Objective to Harvest (4:06)
Galactic Cleansing (3:28)
Shards of Scorched Flesh (3:08)
Feast Upon their Bowels (3:35)
Faces Imploding (5:51)
Peeling Arteries (4:05)
Hyperforms (3:50)
Fruitless Existence (3:13)
Immaculate Order (4:37)
Utopia (Instrumental, 5:25)

It has been given the tentative release date of November 20th via Unique Leader Records. For more information and up-to-date news, be sure to follow Rings of Saturn on Facebook.

– JR


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