Putrid Pile

Blood Fetish

01. Blood Fetish
02. Necroneat-O
03. Pottymouth
04. Face-Pounding Madness
05. Tortured Soul
06. Operation Splatterhouse
07. Strangulation is the Only Answer
08. Bowel Batter
09. Deepfried Evil
10. Petty Leftovers
11. Perpetual Bloodlust

[Severed Records]

Somewhere deep in the cheese state is a man who lives in a house full of camo pants, illegible band t-shirts, Vader cabinets, and pointy Jackson guitars. Some call him Shaun LaCanne; most know him as Putrid Pile. Putrid Pile garners its reputation as not only a one man band, but one of the most solid long time contenders in the brutal death metal game. Starting in 2000 there have been three previous full lengths, two splits, and a demo. Blood Fetish is the newest offering from Shaun’s intense labor.

A quick look over at the track listing should tell you one important thing about Shaun’s approach to lyrics; not taking them seriously. It’s not like any bdm or slam should be taken seriously anyway. The only thing serious about this album is the savage ferocity of this A+ riff collection.

For those who like their metal brutal as all hell with a focus on awesome guitar riffs and super guttural vocals, this will not disappoint and that I can guarantee. Blood Fetish isn’t a game changer as far as the genre as a whole is concerned like Abominable Putridity‘s most recent effort, but it does add some unique elements not seen in any previous work of the project. Guitar work is just as brutal as ever but there are some very Dying Fetus-esque riffs thrown in here and there, matching their signature sound of slightly grind influenced with lots of open power chord sliding and hammer-on pull-off triads. 2009’s House of Dementia saw the addition of some of these influences as well but it’s a lot more pronounced on the new record.

As a whole it feels focused and tight. Production on this one is a nice step up, especially the sound of the drum machine which is usually a major annoyance. Everything is standard fare as far as production work is considered. Levels are all good, the guitars sound heavy and crisp and vocals are just as gurglegurgle breebree as ever.

To no surprise, this album isn’t going to win over any newcomers to the style but long timers will have a good time and that’s just peachy. Everyone needs a straightforward staple fix, otherwise there wouldn’t be any game changers.

Putrid Pile’s Blood Fetish gets…


– MW

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