So that piece of bad news from last week turned out to be true. Elliot Coleman and Tesseract have parted ways; just as the band were hitting their stride with Elliot and the release of Perspective, no less. Turns out, it just wasn’t going to work out due to geographical and artistic differences. You can see Elliot’s statement above, with a word from bassist Amos Williams below:

“Sadly, our good buddy Elliot has decided to leave team TesseracT.

We’d like to thank Elliot for everything he has done for us. We have loved having him be a part of this beast. He introduced us to a completely different side of our sound, as well the delights of Pho! Things we will always be grateful for.

So, as well as continuing to write and record album 2, we are also on the hunt for that special (shpecial) person to be the new full-time TesseracT vocalist.”

Bummer. Tesseract have had some bad luck with vocalists. Hopefully they get a dude that not only has pipes made of gold, but one with an excellent sense of musicianship and dedication to teamwork — not to imply that Dan or Elliot didn’t have that, mind you. I just want to see a solid lineup to form and rely on, as I’m sure is a desire shared by Tesseract as well.

Good luck to both parties with your future endeavors! We’ll be sure to let you know more when more happens.

– JR


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