San Francisco-based hardcore band Early Graves have been understandably on the down-low (for the most part) since their tragic accident and untimely death of frontman Mahk Daniels nearly two years ago. Since then, they’ve been playing select shows and hammering away at new material, picking up The Funeral Pyre vocalist John Strachan. One such demo, titled ‘Days Grow Cold’, is available for streaming over at Brooklyn Vegan, and it is FANTASTIC.

On top of that, the group announced that they’ve signed to No Sleep Records:

“After enduring every shitstorm the proverbial “universe” can throw at us for last few years, we are extremely excited to be releasing our new batch of burners on No Sleep Records,” say guitarist Chris Brock.  “No Sleep Records may not seem like a likely landing spot for a band like us, but Chris and No Sleep release music that they care about and want to work with, which is something we can definitely get behind.  I won’t bore with you with a “our new album sounds like mixed with this mixed with that” or “it’s heavier, faster, more melodic” bullshit, but I will say that we are happy to be releasing it with a label that likes it as much as we do.”
“I am really excited to finally announce and welcome Early Graves to the family,” adds No Sleep Records president Chris Hansen.”  “These guys bring an amazing blend of Death Metal and Hardcore/Punk to the table, and i could not be happier to have them as our first Metal band. Look for their No Sleep debut LP out this Fall.”
Good on those guys to keep things moving forward through their troubles; it just goes to show how resilient these dudes are. Massive respect, and we wish them the best. Keep up with them on Facebook for more developments.
– JR

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