An excuse to post about Ninjaspy on this site doesn’t come as often as I would like it to, but when the opportunity arises, you can make damn sure you will see a Ninjaspy post. It has been almost 5 years since we saw their debut album Pi Nature which I’ve ranted about before and it looks like we are going to see new material in the summer. The new EP will be called No Kata and feature a full length graphic novel to accompany the lyrics. Though, news with Ninjaspy is few and far between. We’ve seen them drop off the map entirely only to resurface with announcements about a tour or the EP being pushed back several times. Regardless, excitement is always justified in their case. I don’t mind anticipating a new release for the next ten years provided they actually release something in the next ten years.

Anyways, just under a month ago, Ninjaspy hit up Calgary, AB for what looks like a typical amazing performance by the trio but a fan selflessly filmed their incredible talent and shared it for the world to see. It has to be said that as a group of people who love instrumentation and technicality, we Heavy Bloggers marvel at how cohesive of a group Ninjaspy can be sometimes. This video shows Tim and Adam Parent revising and improvising to the track “SOS from the SOS” creating pure rhythmic ectstasy. Enjoy every minute of it.


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