It seems that all things drawn out and epic are coming out on top this year — with great releases from If These Trees Could Talk, Frames and Pelican and even the recent reformation of legendary post-metallers Bossk all vying for attention for the past six months. To add to that, it turns out Metal Blade have recently signed Germans Downfall Of Gaia, whose crusty meanderings bring to mind a whole collection of influence including Isis, Humanfly and even the aforementioned Bossk. Having formed only in 2008, the band has released material in a multitude of formats, but most recently in the form of a split with Swedes In The Hearts Of Emperors, which you can listen to over at their bandcamp page.

Despite stretching two songs over twenty minutes, it’s a compelling listen that sways naturally from bleak and desolate guitar breaks through to crushing elephantine riffs. Definitely a band to keep an eye on and thankfully they have chosen to release their new concept album Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes later this year — another record to add to the ever growing list of things to look forward to.



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