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If you read this site regularly you’ll have no doubt noticed that we pay special attention the Canadian musician, Devin Townsend. It started as just a passing interest in the various things he was creating or doing, but as of late it has developed into us creating his own category on our site, the DEVWATCH as it is. It seems absurd to give so much attention to a single guy, but it is not like we make this decision lightly. Mr. Townsend is of a select caliber that so few musicians or bands can ever reach, and despite not being a widespread or financial success, Townsend has crafted numerous albums and releases that far surpass his peers, and I honestly don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to say that some of the greatest records of the past two decades have been the result of this man’s hard work and seemingly endless talent.

Over the past few months we’ve kept you up to date on all things Townsend, and we’ve informed you of the ever growing status of his forthcoming release under the Devin Townsend Project moniker, Epicloud. We’ve told you about the guests that are appearing, the various tracks, the tone, and the general shape this project has shifted into. There’s a reason we’ve been doing this, and it is simply because Epicloud has the potential to be the defining album in Townsend’s career, and more than likely album of the year for many of us at Heavy Blog. Now, I realize this a lot of speculation, but from this perspective it seems only natural that this will be the case.

Townsend has just completed the DTP quadriology; the four part album series that encompassed the thoughts, emotions, and true insight into Devin’s struggles over the first course of his career. Those albums detailed the hardships that presented themselves to Devin from 1995 to 2009 and beyond, and they were spectacular. That part of Devin’s career is over, and now it’s time for him to embrace a new position as a musician, he himself has recognized and said just as much.

We know from Townsend’s various updates that Epicloud is going to be more of an assortment of tracks from various different styles and genres as opposed to adopting one specific view point and running with it like he did with the first four DTP albums, really the first real mixed bag that Devin has ever presented to his listeners; all the while saying it’s going to be an outrageous, upbeat, and progressive rock/metal album that harkens back to bands like ABBA and Def Leppard. Honestly, we really have no idea what this thing is going to sound like, Devin himself doesn’t seem to know how to describe it, but therein lies the answer. It’s going to be a wild album with lots of twist and turns, but I think the one sure thing that we can count on is that it will be an album that exemplifies the positivity that Devin has adopted ever since he dropped the use of drugs and alcohol.

Some of you will probably think the love for Townsend is pretty one-sided, as I handle pretty much every update about him now-a-days, and that would certainly be a fair assumption. I just can’t express enough how impressive this man is to me, and how bewildering it is to listen to the amount of passion and feeling he puts into every single performance he has every done. I listen to songs from Strapping Young Lad, his solo projects, all of his guest spots, and I just marvel at how multi-dimensional he is as a musician, and a performer. I think this passion, emotion, and hard work that Townsend puts into his music is the reason that we at Heavy Blog and so many other outlets on the internet and the metal-verse have become so enamored with him. I know that I would be in quite a state of disorder if it wasn’t for this man.

– EC

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Devin is just a special dude. He’s one of the most diverse and influential musicians in the genre, and not only that, his personality since getting clean has just exuded positivity and inspiration. Not just anyone can release an insane prog metal album and an acoustic/ambient album on the same day, and I think that speaks volumes of the man’s seemingly endless well of creativity.

– JR

It truly takes a unique mind and a creative imagination to have the impact that Devin Townsend has made on music. With his solo work and his work with Strapping Young Lad, as well as numerous other bands and musicians, he has proven time and time again as one of the top musicians in the world. Along with his musical prowess, he’s one of the funniest characters (I’m sure he could have his own stand-up) and nicest people on the planet.
– GR
With his amazing abilities to write both heavy and relaxing music, Devin is easily one of the greatest metal musicians of all time. One of the few musicians to go from doing hard drugs to being completely sober, Devin is all about life, and all about moving forward. His positive outlook on life is an inspiration to anyone, musician or not. Also being one of the only musicians playing in open C and B tuning, he is able to play in a style all his own. Important? Devin IS metal, new and old, he IS an inspiration, and he ISN’T going anywhere anytime soon.
– SS
The fact that Devin has written things as ridiculous and chaotic as all of the SYL albums, Deconstruction, and Ziltoid, then write albums as beautiful and melancholic as Ki and Ghost is enough to make him one of the most notable musicians in the past 20 years. Devin’s unnatural sense of melody, use of layers, and lightheartedness in his music go beyond what most full bands could ever hope to pull off in twice the amount of time Devin has been making releases.
Scarcely do I come across a musician such as Devin Townsend. It is hard to say if he isn’t the most passionate man of his medium, but the argument against that allegation is nigh impossible with the undeniable amount of time and effort he puts into his work. As a musician myself, I have nothing but respect for those who perform, write and record but Townsend is peerless. The amount of people out there who are as honest, positive and as hard working as Townsend are few and far between.I find him really easy to connect with. He is very good at using social media to ensure that his collective audience can live vicariously through him. Not to mention the amount of thought and emotion he puts into his work gives it a depth that is also peerless. It all feels really personal with Townsend. I never feel like I am prying with him. I am never begging for more. He makes an effort to nurture his fans and it is hard not to brag about the giant pacifier that is Townsend.
– CD
Expect the Devin Townsend Project‘s Epicloud to be out fall of this year!

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