Lord have mercy, am I ever envious of you folks that are able to descend upon Cologne, Germany this October (19th – 21st) for Euroblast Festival. The second wave of bands were just announced for the fest, and it’s just getting sweeter. Via Got-Djent:

Jeff Loomis (US)
Monuments (UK)
Vildhjarta (SE)
Chimp Spanner (UK)
The Algorithm (FR)
Red Seas Fire (UK)
Neosis (CH)
Hacktivist (UK)
Exivious (NL)
No Consequence (UK)
Modern Day Babylon (CZ)
Stealing Axion (US)
Panzerballett (DE)
CiLiCe (NL)
Means End (SE)
C.B Murdoc (SE)
Deus.Exe (DE)
Monophonist (DE)
NightShade (FR / US)
Destrage (IT)

These bands will be joining the already announced bands from last month:

Uneven Structure (FR)
The Interbeing (DK)
Akeldama (US)
Synthetic Breed (AU)
In-Quest (BE)
Joncofy (UA)
Humanity’s Last Breath (SE)
Nexus (ES)
Animals As Leaders (US)
Scar Symmetry (SE)
TesseracT (UK)
Circle of Contempt (FI)
So this just goes to show that Euroblast is the pinnacle of prog festivals, and there are still eight bands that have yet to be announced. Tickets are still on sale here, so go get some three-day passes if you fancy a flight to Germany. My eyes are set on 2013’s edition, and I can only assume with a lineup this great this year, they’ll continue to grow from here!
– JR

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