I’m not a fan of A Plea For Purging (though I appreciate them for their humor) or As Hell Retreats, but it strikes me as sad that these two bands decided that the best course for action would be to disband and get “real” jobs instead. It’s good to know that they’re taking it in good humor, as evidenced by the tour’s poster, but still, it’s a bummer that it had to come to this. Times are tough, and given A Plea For Purging’s devoted fans and moderate success over the last few years, it doesn’t bode too well.

From the band’s Facebook, via Under The Gun:

PLEA will be playing our final U.S. shows alongside, long time friends, AS HELL RETREATS in August and September of this year. The run has been dubbed the “QUIT YOUR BAND AND GET A JOB TOUR.” The last seven years have been amazing. Come have one more party and a few more stage dives with us at one of these final shows.

So party on with APFP and As Hell Retreats on their final tour. Dates are after the jump!

w/ As Hell Retreats

8.10 Little Rock, AR // Downtown Music
8.11 Fort Worth, TX // Tomcats
8.12 Jackson, MS // The Carter
8.17 Jacksonville, FL // Murray Hill Theatre
8.18 Douglasville, GA // The 7 Venue
8.19 Chattanooga, TN // TBA
8.24 Dayton, OH // The Attic
8.25 Owensboro, KY // TBA
8.26 Herrin, IL // HTTS
8.31 Greenville, SC // The Channel
9.1 Lynchburg, VA // Crosspoint
9.2 Annapolis, MD // Knights of Columbus
9.7 Birmingham, AL // The River
9.8 Nashville, TN // Rocketown

PLEA also has a string of dates throughout the summer.

6.21 Wilmore, KY // ICHTHUS FESTIVAL
6.23 Knoxville, TN // Building B
7.8 Springfield, IL // Black Sheep Cafe
7.9 Rockford, IL // Frontline
7.15 St. Paul, MN // Station 4

– JR


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