Sad news, everyone. Just as his silky smooth pipes won over the hearts of downtrodden Tesseract fans through their acoustic EP Perspective, signs are pointing to Elliot being out of the group. Speculation arose through a series of tweets from the singer:

Always stick to what suits you best, it plays an important role in getting things done [and not] wasting your time. // My agenda is now the complete opposite of what was previously scheduled. stay tuned for an update sometime over the next few days.

Following the tweets, Elliot removed mention of Tesseract in his twitter bio:

Musician and gamer I play with zelliack/sky eats airplane I enjoy touring and avoiding adulthood

So signs are pointing to Tesseract in need of yet another vocalist. No word on whether or not it was an amicable split or otherwise, but an official announcement will likely be made in the coming days. It’s a bummer to see this split happen, but thankfully Elliot’s still hammering away with Zelliack and hopefully Tesseract can find a new vocalist. More info when we get it.

UPDATE: Metalsucks brought Elliot’s formspring to attention:

– JR


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